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"Under Promise, Over Perform"

What College Trustees Need to Know

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Written for the tens of thousands of college and university trustees who oversee the over 1,700 independent institutions in America. Written by three veteran higher education leaders, the book aspires to give these trustees the fundamental knowledge they need to understand the essential vital signs of their respective institutions and thereby be in the position to ask the right questions of management that help the institution avoid fiscal potholes ...and even flourish.
Important Questions
Sometimes Asked Too Late... or Never at All

“This terrific book is a must-read for all college trustees. A great piece of work that is long overdue. Read it and you will learn from it. Use it and you will help your college succeed. Bravo.”

Dr. Russel R. Taylor, Founder of the Taylor Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, College of New Rochelle & Trustee Emeritus, Richmond University London

Please contact the Registry if you would like to order a set of books to share with your Board of Trustees. Or place an order with Amazon.


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